Travel Notes

I’m a lover of all things stationary and notebooks. Beautifully put together sketchbooks are my downfall, and paper in all its wonderful textures, weights and colours equals heaven for me. Goodbye budget and don’t let me loose in the art shop. In preparation for my trip to New Zealand I’ve been trying a work out the amount of art supplies I’m taking. How many pens does one gal need. Answer many. I’m a ‘just in case’ kind of person. I like to write things down and lists help me to organise everything.

In January this year my Papa passed away. He was a very adventurous man, and went to all sorts of places. St Kilda, Greece and Norway to name a few. He was interested in everything, always. When my Mum was helping to clear out and sort his things she came across this little notebook. She thinks it must have been a gift somebody had given him years ago. It’s small, barely bigger than my hand but perfectly compact. Never used and still complete with a little pencil that fits into a slot next to the binding. Red with gold metallic writing. Inside there is everything from international clothing sizes to etiquette onboard ships and tiny world maps. It’s a little mini time capsule, not a euro in sight in the currency section and it’s still the USSR instead of Russia.

It has sections for travel notes, places visited, budgeting and addresses. Everything you need in a travel notebook in one tiny handy package. It speaks to me in so many ways, not least in memories of my Papa. I plan to use it as my primary day to day notebook whilst I’m away. In my handbag or pocket, it’ll be there. That’s the long and the short of it really. For me this little notebook will always be extra special. A beautiful and practical item that will remind me of home & family on my travels.