A room with a view.

Tomorrow I begin my journey to New Zealand. My bags are packed, lists are completed. I’ve double double checked. I’m mildly panicked yet calm. Happy, sad, relieved. It’s a whole bundle of emotions. But today I took time today to look, to really look.

I went up to the woods and the burn behind my house. Putting my hands into the water, stacking stones, just being in that place. A place that has been my playground and my solitude for so long. There is no denying I’m going to miss Argyll. The quiet, the green, the rain. Yes even the rain. The sunsets and sunrises. And that view, framed so perfectly through the living room window. Right down the loch, sandwiched between hills and woodland. A perfect slice of Argyll.

I could talk about Scotland all day. But I’m also buzzing to get on that plane. The excitement and anticipation is palpable. Something that for so long was so far away is becoming tangible. It’s real, it happening, this time tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Dubai and then Auckland.

Fingers crossed. Catch you all on the other side of the world.