Please fasten your seatbelts for landing.

I’ve been pretty quiet on here and on instagram since I got to New Zealand just under a month ago. But I thought I’d share with you what I wrote as my flight was landing in Auckland.

Can’t quite believe it. We’re less than an hour now from Auckland. How does a 24hr journey go so fast. Feels like only moments ago I was in Dubai and before that Glasgow. I’ve lost all sense of time and place. The reality of I’m on the other side of the world is just beginning to hit me.

My earplugs are in for landing. My bags repacked and my shoes are on. It’s daylight and we’re flying over the ocean. Auckland is creeping closer and closer. The minute I step off this plan the ball is entirely in my court. Every choice is mine. Every mistake. I just keep remembering what my mum said to me before I left. Not to take any baggage, to leave the anxiety and the past behind and just to take every opportunity that comes my way. No regrets. I’m not alone or unique in going to New Zealand on a working holiday visa. 100s of thousands of people do it every year. There’s probably people on this flight doing the exact same as me. But we’re all different. Our experiences will not be the same.

I have to say for my first long haul flight it’s been pretty smooth. A little turbulence and I was a bit anxious about my connection in Dubai. But I’ve made it. I’m nearly there. I didn’t loose my mind with boredom and they certainly feed you well on these flights. I was lucky as well that both my flights were quiet. I got an extra seat to myself from Glasgow to Dubai. And 3 whole seats to myself for the Dubai to Auckland leg. Enough room for me to lie down.

Just got to make it through bio security and customs now. And you know what I’m not going to worry about it. The only thing I’m going to have on my mind is putting on some sunscreen before I leave the terminal.

Hopefully I’ll get my headspace back to writing and drawing soon. Honestly I’m just enjoying the ride at the moment. It’s scary at times. But I have food in the fridge, job interviews to go to and hopefully a permanent place to stay soon. I’m saying yes and staying positive. And I’ve not been sun burnt yet.

First glimpses of New Zealand.