K’Road ~ Pride

Anyone whose been to Karangahape Road in Auckland will know it’s one of the artiest and LGBTQ+ places in Auckland. I work in an awesome wee cafe on K’Road. And everyday I’m seeing rainbow flags and other LGBTQ+ people just out and about living their lives. I am so content in myself and where I am right now. And so thankful for all the amazing people I’ve met since coming to New Zealand. It’s been a bit of a process the last couple of years for me. Just figuring stuff out and growing as a person.

Last summer, I came out albeit rather quietly to my parent’s and few people. I also went to my first Pride with a good friend. I’ve pretty much known since I was 14 that I was bi, I just lacked the confidence to be vocal about it. I spent so much time worrying about how people would judge me or about not being enough. But I promised that when I came to New Zealand I would leave the anxiousness and emotional baggage behind me. So yeah that’s me. I’m bi and loving life at the moment. Turning over a new leaf and starting a new chapter. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Pride month.